There has been a lot of noise over cell phone radiation effects on the brain.

While much of it is true, there are flawed assumptions as well. Here, we discuss the risks of cell phone radiation on your brain.

Cell phones have come a long way during the last decade. What started as the smartphone revolution is everywhere around us, with users literally roaming around with an extra limb now; the cell phone being that extra limb.

Considering how frequently we use our cell phones and how imperative a role they play in our life, the radiations from them are bound to impact us in ways more than one.

Here we dissect the many effects that cell phone radiations have on our brain. Go through these effects!

1. Alters the EEG Patterns

While we don’t want to create public hysteria, there is enough reason to believe that cell phones might just be impacting your blood flow as well. Researchers have had a keen eye on cell phone effects on blood pressure recently.

All cell phones, if you haven’t yet heard this fact, emit waves of electromagnetic radiation. Since smartphones are relatively new, these radiation levels and the impact associated with them have gone up during the last decade or so.

Considering the fact that these radiations are relatively new, the research being done is still inconclusive. The study of all that radiation can do to your body is still being done, with myths being busted every other day.

To talk of one, just recently we saw a study debunking the myth that exposure to cell phone radiations could cause brain tumors and other tumors over the body. The myth was dispelled recently, when a conclusive research was done.

So, while it might take some time for studies to be done, researches have confirmed the rather concerning notion that cell phone radiations might be impacting our brain signals in a way that leads to low blood pressure levels.

This research started and gained speed some years ago, when researchers from a French research institute found out that people using their cell phones for extensive periods were exposed to changes in their EEG.

While there is the off chance that there could be something else dictating this trend, the presence of high cell phone usage was a concerning sign. Since researches aren’t meant to be left inconclusive, the researchers started looking for signs.

The French study pertaining to this matter found out that the brain EEG pattern or alpha band was significantly altered by the direct usage of cell phones.

The change in activity happened after 45 minutes of the brain being exposed to a GSM mobile phone.

Additionally, the cell phone radiation levels were maintained throughout the study. This was done to gauge the dangers of cell phones. This increase in EEG patterns also impacted human cognitive functions.

This study has opened the doors for more research on this, and if it is to be true, then users across the globe would want something to be done about cell phone radiation, or drop cell phone usage at all.

2. Causes Behavioral Issues in Children

Research has proven that radiations from cell phone could be leading towards a lot more behavioral issues in children of today.

There is a reason why children today are so despicable with their behavior.

Parents who expose their children to cell phones, both during pregnancy and after birth, see behavioral issues in their children. Such parents are around 50 percent more likely to witness these behavioral issues and changes.

The study that was held in this regard involved nearly 100,000 mothers and over 300,000 children. So, the sheer size of this study is too big to disregard as a co-incidence. The results are concerning for everyone.

The research further mentioned that everything goes wrong during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers who use their phones a lot see an increase in a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating multiple body functions in humans.

The increase in melatonin ends up disrupting the metabolism of the mother, leading to a significant impact on the brain of the growing fetus. This is the doing of cell phone radiation that can eventually hinder the development of kids.

This study has further highlighted the case for mobile radiation protection in kids. There is, hence, a strong case to protect kids from mobile radiation now.

3. Increases the Risk of Brain Cancer

Radiations from your cell phone could do a lot more than just altering your EEG patterns or changing the behavioral patterns of children. A recent research done in this regard believes that cell phone radiations can give you brain cancer.

The World Health Organization has recently classified excessive cell phone usage as a possible human carcinogen. This was done to indicate the risk that these radiations pose to your brain, and how cell phone usage could lead to brain defects.

However, it is pertinent to note here that such dangers only arise upon excessive cell phone usage. If you’re using your phone in moderation, you wouldn’t be at danger from the resulting radiation.

4. Leads to Brain Tissue Damage

A recent research conducted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland found out that the radiation given out by cell phones could be harming our brain in several ways.

The organization went on to study the impact of these radiations on the brain tissues of a sample of individuals from different backgrounds. All of these individuals were exposed to cell phone radiations for a period of time.

While they were exposed to these radiations, the responses were monitored to see how tissues were responding to these radiations. Interestingly, the results showed that the radiations had a damaging impact.

The damaging impact on brain tissues meant that the radiations had a degenerative effect on our brain’s abilities. This leads to different conditions where humans aren’t able to use their brains to their full capabilities.

This recent research has also led to a whole new facet studying cell phone effect on memory. Since brain tissue damage can impact our memory, this would be worth studying.

5. Accelerates Bone Marrow Degeneration in Children

Children are particularly fond of using cell phones. They often beg their parents to hand them over the phone so that they can play the latest version of Candy Crush, or maybe run across rail tracks in Subway Surfer.

While many parents hand the phone over to their children without thinking much, this isn’t the logical thing to do. Children are more vulnerable to radiations than adults.

A research on the response of children to radiations found out that the bone marrow inside the skull for most children is more prone to absorbing radiation than an adult’s head.

The next time you child asks for your cell phone to play a game, you would want to say no and move on. The rejection would ultimately be in the best interest of the kid.

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6. Damages the Senses

Since the concept of having a phone pressed against your ears for six hours on ends is relatively new, it’s hard to measure the extent of the damage cell phone usage can inflict on you.

Just imagine all the different kinds of problems that we might experience some time in the future. What if being exposed to cell phone radiation for 30 years leads to telekinesis or something else.

However, we’d have no idea since this radiation hasn’t been around for that long.

However, what we do know as of yet is that cell phone usage and cell phone radiation can extensively damage our senses. The exposure to radiation is harmful for all our senses. And it’s all linked to the brain.

A study conducted on cows found out that the eyes can be damaged by the radiation given off by cell phones.

And, since human eyes are extremely similar to that of cows, it wouldn’t take much to suggest that the same impact could be seen in humans.

The study on cows found out that the cows being exposed with cell phone radiation for an extended period of time had multiple tiny bubbles formed on the lens of the eye.

Additionally, another study has also hinted that our ears could be suffering extensive damage upon exposure to cell phones for more than 1 hour a day. This degenerative damage could eventually lead to extensive deterioration of the inner ears.

All of these studies and evidence just goes to prove the cell phone radiation effects on the brain.

Considering that cell phone radiation health dangers is a rather foreign concept as of yet, there are still some facets that need to be studied. However, the health risks of mobile phones are not hidden anymore.