For every 100 hours that you spend talking on the phone, you drastically increase the risk of brain cancer. Do you want to know by how much you’re increasing that risk?

I’ll get back to that in a minute, but first, let me tell you this: smartphones are addictive.

Most of us will find ourselves looking at our smartphones for most of the day, whether consciously or otherwise.

Sometimes, we may also feel the urge to look at our phones, even though we know that there will not be any notifications to check.

Here are 25 facts about phone addiction that will leave you completely surprised.


1. 40% of the population is addicted to their smartphones

addicted to smartphone

People are increasingly becoming addicted to their smartphones.

According to an article on psychology today, 40% of the American population suffers from this addiction.

On top of this, 58% of men and 47% of women suffer from Nomophobia, i.e. the fear of being without a smartphone.

Moreover, the 2013 Mobile Consumer Habits estimated that 12% of the users use their phones while they are in the shower.

2. Most people can’t even survive one day without their phones

surviving without phone

Phones have become a necessity for most of the people.

44% of the people have stated that they become very anxious when they lose their phones and become phoneless for an entire week.

The fear of losing or being without a smartphone, i.e. Nomophobia, actually exists and affects many people.

3. People often take their phones everywhere, even to the bathroom

bathroom phone

A study conducted showed that 91% of the Gen-Ys took their phones to the bathroom to use it.

The study also showed that while more women (76%) used their smartphones in the bathroom as compared to men (74%), men were more attached to their phones as compared to women.

4. Most people will constantly check their phones without reason

checking phone

People have the tendency to check their phones without any reason, especially when they are addicted.

Despite having checked their phones about two seconds ago, they tend to have an urge to check it again.

Most people would simply keep their cell phones in their hands and keep turning the screen on to make sure that they have not missed out on any notification, call, or message.

In some instances, they will keep turning the screen on out of boredom or habit.

5. Most phone addicts will experience phantom vibrations

phantom phone vibration

Phantom vibrations or ringing is a false belief that your phone is ringing or has received a notification, even though it has not.

About 80% of the people have experienced false vibrations and around 30% have heard ringing that simply did not exist.

The more an individual uses their phone, the more likely they are going to experience such phantom vibrations.

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6. 80% of 18 to 24-year-olds sleep with their phones right next to them

teenager sleep phone

Sleeping right next to cell phones has become a common trend, especially among younger people.

This shows how intensely people want their phones with them at all times, and when their phone is not with them, they suffer from separation anxiety.

For people who have their phones right next to them while they are sleeping, the first and last thing they do after they wake up and before they go to sleep, in most of the cases, is check their phones.

7. Most phone addicts forget how living in the real world is like

phone addict real world

Most of the phone addicts completely cut themselves off from real life and thus limit interactions with people and other real life experiences.

They see the world through their phones and interact less.

This prevents them from making their lives a little better or indulging in other activities that might actually be fun and refreshing for them.

8. A study indicated that parents who spend more time with their phones have a greater tendency to shout at their children

parent phone shouting

Apart from this tendency, parents who are addicted to their phones are also more likely to spend more of their time on it as opposed to spending time with their kids.

This can cause increased frustration in the children, who then take out this frustration in different ways.

They can also become highly moody as a result, since they look for attention from their parents.

9. An average person checks their phone 110 times/day, while the more addicted check their phones as much as 900 times/day

person checking phone

We are slowly and gradually witnessing a trend towards cell phone addiction and this trend will only likely increase in the future.

Most addicts have the tendency to check their phones even if they have not been expecting to receive any notification or call on it.

In some cases, people would turn their phone screens on as a result of boredom or when they have nothing else to do.

10. 1 in 3 mobile owners would rather give up sex than their phones

phone give-up sex

Some of the people even use cell phones while having sex.

Such statistics are quite surprising considering that people cannot put their phones away for even a second.

This also shows that these people consider the use of cell phones more important than other activities in their lives.

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11. 95% of people have stated that they text, browse the web, or watch TV in the hour before finally falling asleep

phone before sleeping

Technology is taking over, and very soon this is all that people will be doing.

Phone use, right before falling asleep has increased drastically, which is not good since the habit can affect sleep patterns.

In most of the cases, the first and the last thing that people will do as soon as they wake up and right before they fall asleep is use their cell phones.

This behavior is not healthy and can lead to many problems, including those related to health.

12. 1 in 4 people will not put their phones on silent before going to bed

phone silent bed

These are the people who then have to wake up in the middle of the night whenever they receive a notification or get a call.

They do not want to miss out on a single opportunity to interact with people on their phones.

To them, their cell phones are clearly more important than sleep, so much so that they would not even dare put their phones on silent while they prepare to fall asleep.

13. 1 in 2 people say that if they wake up in the middle of the night without any reason, they will check their phones

phone middle night

When these people randomly wake up in the middle of the night, they will most definitely check their phones before falling asleep again.

This urge to check their phone will be without any reason in most of the cases.

People like constant activity on their phone, and sometimes they expect messages or other notifications to be on their phones when they check it.

14. 63% of people who use gadgets before their bedtime have stated that they did not get proper sleep during the week

phone proper sleep

Any type of technology use right before bedtime can disrupt sleep.

Therefore, it is best to keep phones away when it is time for bed. However, most of the people sleep right next to their cell phones with many of them having the urge to use them before finally falling asleep.

15. Cell phone addiction ruins relationships

phone bad relationship

Researchers found that constant use of phones can be bad for relationships.

Apart from this, cell phone addiction is also highly annoying and is normally considered as rude behavior, especially when in the company of other people.

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16. Many car accidents are due to cell phones

car accident phone

Many of the car accidents happen as a result of people using their cell phones while driving.

Cell phones are highly distracting, especially when people are addicted to them, and once the attention is towards them instead of the road, there is a huge probability that this diversion of attention will lead to an accident, even a fatal one.

This is not only problematic for the one who is driving but also for other people who are involved.

These include the people sitting with the driver and those that are hit in the process.

17. Phone addiction is considered a disability

phone addiction disability

Most people rely on their cell phones to the extent that it helps them feel normal and remain away from panic.

This is considered to be a disability and people who suffer from such an extreme form of addiction should seek help immediately.

They would normally not be able to live without their cell phones and would suffer from extreme panic in case they ever lost their phones.

18. 72% of people state that there is a very little chance that they will ever move 5 feet away from their phone

keep phone close

Most people like staying close to their handheld devices.

These include smartphones.

If they are more than 5 feet away from them, they will start feeling anxious.

These people would normally keep their cell phones with them at all times, either in their hands or their pockets.

19. Smartphone addiction can result in mental issues such as OCD and depression

phone mental issue ocd depression

An addiction expert has stated that the more connected an individual is with the help of technology, the more likely they will experience a hassle connecting in real life.

Experts have also stated that smartphone withdrawal can result in symptoms such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

It creates more cortisone within the body and the brain.

This stress hormone is cardio-toxic and can be very bad for an individual’s mental health as well as their personal relationships.

20. 7% of individuals state that excessive cell phone use caused them to lose a relationship or job

phone losing job

This statistic clearly shows how problematic excessive cell phone usage can be in the personal lives of individuals.

Phones are nothing more than a distraction, and the more you use your phone, the more likely you will be hooked on it.

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21. For every 100 hours that you spend talking on the phone, you increase the risk of brain cancer by as much as 5%

phone brain cancer

Latest research that was conducted has concluded that the use of mobile phones in the long term can result in an increased risk of glioma.

This is the most common brain tumor type.

This is definitely a warning signal, especially for those people who are addicted to talking on their phones constantly.

22. Phone addiction can lead to a hindrance in social life

phone social life

Phone addiction can be a major hindrance in the social life of a person.

This is because it causes a person to have all their attention on their phones and give very little attention to the actual events happening around them.

23. Treatment is now being offered for cell phone addiction

phone addiction treatment

Rehab facilities have now started catering to all those people who have diagnosed themselves with cell phone addiction.

These rehab facilities aim at treating such patients by making sure that they have very limited or no exposure to cell phones while they are there, and providing them with the necessary solutions to limit their exposure once they are out of the rehab facilities.

If going to a rehab facility is not an option for you, you can also check an online phone detox program.

24. Phone addiction makes people live their life through their phones

living through phone

When people are addicted to their cell phones, they will pay very little attention to the actual life that is happening around them and will give their undivided attention to their cell phone.

Cell phones are like spectacles to such people.

They will live their entire life viewing their world through their cell phones instead of actually experiencing firsthand.

25. Most people are not even aware they are smartphone addicts

phone addiction unaware

Some of the people are not aware that they are addicted to their smartphones, either because they do not pay attention to the warning signs or because they are not aware of such signs at all.

For this reason, there should be a certain amount of awareness provided to such people so that they can counter such a habit.

Cell phones are now common worldwide, and there is no living without them.

However, people need to realize that being addicted to them is not a good thing, and can lead to a person being unproductive and suffer from a lot of health related issues.

Not to mention, cell phone usage while driving can also lead to fatal accidents.

Therefore, a person should be careful that they limit the time they spend using their phone, and take a break from them once in a while.