While there is a general perception that the increasing use of cell phones has only negatively impacted our lives, the truth is that there are many positive effects of mobile phones as well.

Wondering how they are positively impacting our lives?

We have got you covered – here we discuss all the positives of cell phones to help you understand that they, just like any other technology, have their pros and cons.

There is no denying the fact that cell phones have drastically altered our everyday lives. From our working and entertainment habits to the way we communicate, socialize and organize things, everything has changed.

From their humble beginnings, in the 1980s, as bulky phones to the compact devices with computing powers, cell phones have come a long way in a very short period of time.

Here are some of the major positive effects of mobile phones on our everyday life:

1. Improved Communication

The key reason why cell phones were invented was to fulfill one of the basic human needs i.e. to stay connected. Needless to say, the technology has done wonders for humanity.

By enabling us to connect with anyone, anywhere, and at any time, cell phones have completely revolutionized the telecommunication industry.

2. Help Us Stay Organized

With multi-tasking becoming the norm of modern day life, it often becomes difficult to keep track of everything. This problem can be resolved if you pay a little heed to the small device in your pocket or bag.

There are many mobile phone apps that can help you manage things and stay organized. No more need to keep a diary to take notes and to mark important dates and events; this can be done on your cell phone.

Smartphones also allow you to store documents, send emails and memos, and even to make presentations; it’s like your mini office. All in all, the small device helps you stay sorted and in control of everything.

3. Everyday Chores Made Easier

Thanks to the technological advancements, our lives have now become a lot easier. There are many mobile phone apps that have made carrying out everyday chores a lot easier.

No more waiting in long queues to pay the utility bills or stressing about finding a reliable travel agent to book hotels for your trips, you can do it all through cell phone apps.

4. Ensure Stress-free Travelling

Whether you are going to a new country or to a new city, finding directions is no longer a problem. With Google Map, you can now easily travel to unknown locations without the fear of getting lost.

Another advantage of mobile phones is that they can be used to find nearby restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, malls, salons, or any other thing that you want. Simply put, cell phones have made navigation a lot simpler and easier.

5. Help In Emergencies

Mobile phones offer great help to deal with emergency situations. It enables a person to call for help when in trouble, but also allows others to trace a lost person.

In case of natural disasters or large scale emergencies, the authorities can track mobile phone signals to track the location of injured or trapped people.

An example of the effective use of cell phone technology can be seen in Japan. Since earthquakes are common in Japan, cell phone companies send free notifications to their users, whenever there is a warning of a natural disaster.

This helps people to take preventive measures and reduce the chances of loss of lives.

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6. Provide Easy Access to Information and Technology for Students

If used the right way, there can be many positive effects of cell phones on students.

There are many educational apps specifically designed to promote academic proficiency by helping students to, take notes, make presentations, and keep track of all their assignments, schedules, deadlines, exams, and grades.

There are also many online platforms that provide a large number of books for reading and/or downloading, for free. Many schools and colleges now encourage their students to use different apps to stay organized and improve their academic performance.

Furthermore, there are many online groups that are dedicated to helping students in their studies as well as to guide them about future prospects, like how to apply abroad, find internships, and helping them to prepare for their first interview.

There are also countless videos on YouTube that are made to help students struggling in different courses. For example, many students struggle in mathematics. They can find many videos that explain difficult concepts of the subject in simple words.

Students can also use mobile phones to record lectures to make sure they do not miss out any important points.

Students learning other languages or those that have come to a foreign country for education can also take help from the many translator applications available on Google Play Store or the App Store.

Like any other technology, cell phones affect education in both positive and negative ways. It all depends on the user. With all the features discussed above, mobile phones can be of great help to students.

7. Help Teachers Increase Student Engagement

In order to keep up with the changing interests and behaviors of students, teachers also need to continuously change their teaching methods and make them more engaging and innovative.

It has been found that student engagement is higher in classes where technology is used as opposed to those where teachers use conventional methods.

Mobile phones also help teachers to stay connected with their students and help them beyond the classrooms.

Mobile phones also enable both students and teachers to cross-check certain facts (in case of doubts and confusion) there and then.

8. Increased Security

In view of increased security risks, parents are highly concerned about their children’s safety whenever they are not home. With mobile phones, parents can keep track of their children’s locations and contact them any time.

Similarly, children can immediately contact their parents and/or 911 in case of any threat or emergency.

9. Promote Overall Health and Well-Being

From apps that provide information about various health issues to mental health apps, mobile phones can contribute to promoting a person’s health and well-being in a society.

From medicine reminders to apps that help people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s as well as deal with stress and anxiety – there is a lot you can benefit from.

There is some evidence that certain games and apps can also help to train and strengthen your brain. They can also help to improve one’s focus and reaction time and reduce stress and anxiety.

10. Increased Awareness

By helping us stay connected with each other and with the world, mobile phones help people to stay up-to-date on the political, economic, and social issues affecting the world.

The availability of information also contributes to increasing awareness about certain issues that was previously lacking. For example, technological advancements have really increased awareness about mental health.

Due to the increased awareness, people can now empathize with those suffering from mental health issues rather than simply labeling them, as happened in the past.

In view of the widespread usage and positive effects of mobile phones, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that smartphones have also become our, diaries, offices, televisions, computers, in addition to the tool of communication.

Are you addicted to your phone?
Take this simple 1-minute test to find out!

A Survey to Examine the Impact of Mobile Phones

In 2012, a survey was conducted to study mobile phone effect on society by identifying how it has impacted people’s lives on an individual level. The participants were provided six options that included both negative and positive impacts.

The results of the survey revealed that most of the people think that mobile phones have positively impacted their lives.

65% of the participants considered increased connectivity as the greatest advantage of using mobile phones.

About half of the participants reported that cell phones have made it easier for them to plan their daily schedules as well as improve their productivity. They can now do something useful while waiting in lines or stuck in traffic.

The survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center – Internet & Technology as part of the project to find out the positive and negative effects of cell phones.

In view of all the positive effects of mobile phones on youth, adults, and society as a whole, it would be wrong to say that the cell phone technology has only harmed the society.

While there are definitely some negative effects of cell phones, they can be avoided if users are careful and use their phones in moderation.