One of the most important questions you need to know the answer to is “How to avoid radiation from cell phones?”

Cell phone radiation can be harmful for our health. Learn how to protect yourself and others from it.

Cell phones have brought about a lot of convenience to us. They’re probably the most important invention since the radio. With all the convenience offered by cell phones, they have also introduced us to a new danger.

Cell phone radiation is a serious problem that can potentially cause cancer and other harmful diseases among humans. The question: “How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?” might be coming to your mind.

We’re going to tell you the actionable steps you can take to reduce the threat of cell phone radiation.


1. Minimize Body Contact

Avoiding cell phone radiation requires some effort, but it’s necessary. You need to learn how to reduce radiation exposure in your home. Try to avoid body contact with your cell phone.

Carry your phone around only as much as you need to. Minimize the contact with your body as much as possible. A distance of at least 10 mm is recommended, so avoid keeping your cell phone in your pocket.

If you are thinking about where to carry your cell phone, consider keeping a bag with you. You can use a handbag or a satchel bag. You might already be using one so why not put it to good use?

2. Text Over Calls

Whenever possible, opt to text rather than call. Cell phone radiation distance can be a few meters but the closer it is to your head, the more harmful it can be. Create as much distance as possible.

Increasing the distance between your head and your cell phone will make it possible for you to avoid the more powerful radiation from your phone. Texting instead of calling will also limit the radiation emitted from your cell phone.

3. Stick To Shorter Calls

Sometimes, you cannot convey what you need to over text. When you absolutely need to have cell phone conversations, try to limit the length of your cell phone conversations as much as you can. It’s actually a pretty simple logic.

The less time you spend talking on the phone with the phone placed against your head, the lower the amount of radiation entering your body. An alternative is that you opt for a landline for longer conversations.

4. Switch Sides

When you are talking on the cell phone, make it a point to switch the sides on a regular basis. This reduces the radiation exposure to one side of your head. We use the same side for a long time.

While switching sides can’t completely stop radiation, it can help reduce its concentration. It will also help reduce the amount of time your head is in contact with your cell phone during a call.

5. Use Speaker Phone Mode

If you need to make a long phone call, use the speaker or a wired headset instead. When you hold your cell phone against your head, you are exposing yourself to a higher concentration of radiation.

Using a wired headset or a speakerphone will reduce the effect of the near field radiation from the phone. You do not even have to hold your cell phone in your hands this way. It is pretty simple and effective.

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6. Put It Aside While Sleeping

Keep yourself at a safe distance from your cell phone while sleeping. Plenty of people sleep with their cell phones nearby on their bed or beside their heads. It is a dangerous habit. Cell phones emit radiation even when idle.

Your cell phone is constantly scanning for texts, calls or notifications. If you keep it near your head while sleeping, you are unnecessarily increasing your exposure to cell phone radiation. Keep it aside.

Placing your cell phone on the side table is a better option but it is better to keep it farther way. If you need your cell phone for the alarm, keeping it at a distance will be more effective.

7. Don’t Use It With Low Signals

If you happen to be in an area where the reception is low, it is best not to use your cell phone to make a call unless it is an emergency. This is because cell phones increase their transmitter’s power.

In order to attempt to get a connection with the nearest cell phone tower, the radiation will increase so that the cell phone can establish a more stable connection. The same is the case when you’re moving at high speeds.

8. Cell Phone Radiation Protection Products

Considering the severity of the issue, companies are now developing cell phone radiation protection products. They are also researching how to block cell phone radiation and developing different products, which you can use to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.

Make sure that you conduct your own research and purchase products that focus on redirecting cell phone radiation. Some products can actually cause your cell phone to emit higher radiation levels because their signals are blocked by “shields”.

9. Use The Airplane Mode

Airplane mode reduces radiation. If you are not using your cell phone and you are not expecting any important texts or calls, it is better that you just turn on the airplane mode or to turn it off completely.

Remember that even when you are not using your cell phone, it will still emit radiation. The airplane mode reduces radiation but it doesn’t completely stop it. When sleeping, keep your phone aside rather than near your head.

10. Keep Cell Phones Away From Kids

Children nowadays are born in a time where cell phones are already quite common. A worrying factor is that they are learning how to use cell phones before they can learn how to properly talk. This needs to change immediately.

Parents should make it a point to keep their children away from cell phones as much as possible. Toddlers often use cell phones to watch their favorite educational videos on YouTube. Parents should put those videos on laptops for them.

Provide your children an explanation of the dangers involved with cell phone radiation. They will be able to protect themselves much better if they are already aware of these risks early on.

There are a lot of comprehensive resources out there. You can use these resources to get additional help to understand the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and the steps you can take to protect yourself from them.

The American Academy of Pediatrics put together this guide which focuses on children. It covers all the aspects that parents need to know about how they can help protect their children from cell phone radiation.

The California Department of Health and the Connecticut Department of Health have also published resources which you can use.

It is important to learn as much as you can on how to avoid radiation from cell phones so you can take all the right steps to protect yourself and others around you from harm.

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Bonus. How to Reverse Cell Phone Radiation

For those concerned about the effects of cell phone radiation on their health, there are some measures they can take to protect themselves. These are drastic steps but they can help reverse the damage from cell phone radiation.

Cell phone towers emit a lot of radiation in an area. They are the source of signals for cell phones. It is obvious that there are significant cell tower effects on health for people who live near them.

In order to reverse cell phone radiation, you first need to move away from it. If it’s possible for you to move, live in a house that is far away from cell phone towers. It gets easier from there.

When you are far away from the major source of cell phone radiation, you still have radiation from your home to deal with. You need to know how to reduce radiation in your home. Here’s a few simple steps:

  • Try to use your landline phone as much as possible instead of cell phone. This will allow you to communicate on call and at the same time reduce the amount of cell phone radiation you are exposed to.
  • Avoid using your cell phone in enclosed spaces like elevators, buses, trains or airplanes. Enclosed metal spaces deflect cell phone radiations and they keep bouncing around in the same space, which will then expose you to more radiation.
  • Take some time out and go on a vacation where you are far away from cell phones and cell phone towers. As you stay away from the exposure to these harmful radio frequencies, your body gets time to heal.