The positive effects of mobile phones on youth shouldn’t be ignored. Many parents and teachers tend to focus on the negative aspect of mobile phone usage by youths.

But the mobile phone usage shouldn’t be looked upon as a vice.

Most adolescents consider mobile phones to be an integral part of the daily life. Young people use mobile phones to maintain a social connection, become entertained, and gain information.

Using mobile phones can also provide many other benefits to teenagers apart from being entertained.

This blog post explores the positive impact of mobile phones on youngsters. You will know how cell phone usage results in positive family interaction, peer relationship, and academic performance among the youth.

1. Facilitates Learning

One of the positive effects of cell phone on youths is that it facilitates learning. A mobile phone can serve as a homework assistant. Young people can browse the net on their cellphones to tackle difficult algebra questions.

Students can find out the meanings of difficult words without consulting a dictionary. They can collaborate with other students in a group assignment using WhatsApp or Skype and visit free online forums to get answers to difficult problems.

Another positive effect of cellphones on youth is that they can access free tutorials and infographics with the tap of a button. By accessing education materials from their mobile phones, students can gain a deeper understanding of a subject.

2. Improves Financial Skills

Financial literacy is a critical skill for youngsters. A major advantage of mobile phone for youths is that it allows them to become financially savvy.

Apps such as Money Lover, Mint, YNAB, and Tycoon let users budget, record expenses, and even save for the future. Students can easily record expenses and even learn how to pay taxes.

Using the apps will allow teenagers to manage financial resources wisely. This skill will prove invaluable when they enter into adult life. They will know how to manage their finances and plan for important events such as marriage.

3. Comes in Handy During Emergencies

A cell phone can serve as a valuable asset in case of emergencies. Mobile phones have been proven to save lives in many emergencies.

Youngsters can use mobile phones to call emergency services in case of a life-threatening situation. One study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine found that using a mobile phone to call emergency services increased the survival rate.

A lot of apps help teenagers get out of a dangerous situation. There are several emergency apps that send a distress message to family members in case of an emergency.

4. Builds Social Connections

While mobile phones can act as a distraction in real-life, phones can help improve overall social connection. Teenagers can chat up with like-minded individuals in online forums, apps, and sites such as, Spotafriend, Opin, and others.

Teenagers can also use apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts to chat with distant relatives and friends. In this way, they can keep up with friends and relatives who reside abroad.

A study by Common Sense Media found that the majority of teens reported that social media helps them get to know others better, make friends, and receive peer support.

The use of mobile phones to connect with others is helpful for shy, introverted kids, people with disabilities, and marginalized individuals. Mobile phones allow them to connect with similar people, join support groups, and grow their social connections.

5. Promotes Self-Education

A positive influence of mobile phones on youth is that it boosts self-education. Young people have all the information at their fingertips with a mobile phone.

Youngsters can explore the world and satisfy their curiosity about different topics using their mobile phones. They can learn about quantum physics, molecular biology, astrophysics, the theory of relativity, technology, and many other topics that interest their inquisitive minds.

With mobile phones, young people will no longer be restricted to school books for learning. They can learn about the world by browsing sites on their mobile phones.

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6. Offers Entertainment

Teenagers find mobile phones as a source of unlimited entertainment. The latest mobile phones have brought digital entertainment at the fingertips. Kids can take pictures and videos, watch videos, listen to music, play games, and much more.

After a long session of study, kids can sit back, relax, and get entertained using their mobile phones. It serves as a break from the routine hustle and bustle of life.

There is no harm in using mobile phones for entertainment if it is limited to a few hours.

Apart from uplifting the mood, youngsters can also learn about history, science & technology, and even survival from certain movies or games on the mobile phone. Another word for this type of entertainment is ‘infotainment’ – information plus entertainment.

7. Boosts Creativity

Another positive influence of mobile phones on youngsters is that it boosts creativity. Mobile phones have become the new canvas where budding Michelangelo, Kandinsky, or Leonardo de Vinci can create works of impressive art.

Various photo creation apps are available that can be used to create inspiring images. Teenagers can take part in photo contests, and submit their works of art.

Apart from photo editing features, youths can create and edit videos. They can make video commercials and informational videos using their smartphones. The videos can be used to teach topics to others that will also strengthen the self-learning.

8. Allows Recording and Listening to Inspirational Ideas

Teenagers can record ideas and inspiration on their mobile phones. Apps like Evernote allow youths to write notes and bookmark sites relating to just about everything. They can collect ideas, tips, and other information on their mobile phones.

Mobile phone apps will allow them to organize information and gain meaningful insights.

Moreover, teens can listen to podcasts on their mobile phones. They can listen to podcasts about science, business, language, and history. The podcasts will open a new window of inspiration for them.

9. Optimizes the Learning Process

Another positive effect of mobile phones on youngsters is that it allows them to greatly optimize the learning process and get good grades in the class.

Children can download apps to explore their favorite subjects in depth. They can keep up-to-date about the latest advances in their field. Mobile learning apps can teach teenagers at the comfort of their own homes.

Teenagers who use mobile phones can prepare themselves for the technological world. They can adapt to the e-learning environment where teachers and students connect through the mobile medium. Young adults can also enhance their skills by getting a degree online.

10. Encourages Learning Through Gamification

Gamification is the latest tech trend that refers to the use of games for a learning outcome. Researchers have been able to leverage from the use of gamification techniques for learning mastery, self-expression, and even socializing.

Various mobile gamification apps are available that can help in accelerated learning. The engagement and entertainment value of games encourage teens to accomplish tasks that are generally viewed as boring.

In essence, gamification is the use of gaming elements to make learning activities more fun and enjoyable.

Brain mobile games such as Brain Wars, Mind Games, and Logic Grid Puzzles can improve cognitive processing. A number of mobile games such as Lumosity, Brain Metrix, Brain Trainer, and Eidetic have been specifically created to boost memory.

Mobile games can help in skills development in youth. Gamification not just helps students to learn but also retain the material longer. It injects fun into relatively mundane activities, increases the competitive spirit, and improves participation in learning activities.

Are you addicted to your phone?
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11. Increased Engagement in Class

The engagement level in the class will be higher when technology tools are used to facilitate learning.

When teenagers are allowed to use mobile phones in the classroom, they will have access to live information. They can access information about the topics being taught in the class. Students can cross check facts in real time.

There are a large number of educational and academic resources available online. Android Play and Apple App Store have a large collection of educational apps.

The online resources can help in better understanding the lectures. As a result, teenagers will participate actively in the class resulting in improved learning.

12. Makes Them Tech-Savvy

A positive impact of cellphones on youths is that it allows them to be tech-savvy. Teenagers who are tech-savvy will have an edge when they start a career. They can adapt to technology-based work without any difficulty.

Teenagers who are at ease in using mobile phone devices are likely to perform better in school, and also when they go to work.

The use of mobile phones can help teenagers be ready for their future careers and excel in their respective fields after graduation.

Mobile phones play a crucial role in the life of young adults. When used sensibly, cellphones can open a world of opportunities for teenagers and help them succeed in their professional as well as personal lives.