Barack Obama is most likely a phone addict: the proof is inside this article!

Put down your phone and step away from it.

How many times have you heard someone say something similar to someone else?

However, you also may not be a saint when it comes to cell phone usage.

In fact, you and so many others like you, may have a habit -which others find terribly annoying- of using the phone at the most inappropriate and odd times.

So, whatever you do, don’t use your phone during these twelve “no mobile zone” situations:


1. When Someone is Talking to You

important discussion

Nowadays, people have stopped valuing the importance of face-to-face conversation. They rather text or chat with their friends than call them over to hang out.

If by chance they do call them over, their friends including themselves will be glued to their mobile phones.

In the instance the other person wants to have a genuine conversation with you, what do you do?

You nod your head, murmur a few words, and glance up at them briefly to show them that you are listening.

Do you have any idea of how rude you are being to someone who wants your complete attention, without having your phone in tow?

You will not realize this, until you meet someone that shares your addiction to mobile phones.

Moreover, married folks and children should avoid using their mobile phone when their parent or significant other wants to engage in a deep, heart to heart, conversation.

If you amuse yourself with your mobile phone when talking to people, you are not leaving behind a good impression.

2. When You are at a Funeral


On December 15, 2013, a funeral for a great man, Nelson Mandela was held and was attended by renowned political figures from all over the world. So, what is significant about this?

Well, the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, took an infamous selfie with the Danish and British leaders that went viral. When the selfie exploded on the internet, several people took offense.

How can someone in their right mind think to take a selfie at someone’s funeral, and that too the President of the United States?

It was uncalled for with several people all over the world condemning the act. For the President, this was just shear bad luck.

If he were not a famous figure, would taking a selfie be considered a harmless act then?

No way, taking a selfie is disrespectful to the dead and his or her family. You would think people would have the common sense not to post it online.

Most of them do and some of them go viral. First, do not take it and if you do take it, do not post it anywhere online, but go with the first option.

On a different note, funerals are a good time to remind yourself of your own mortality, to take a look at the person in the casket, and realize that one day it will be you.

Using your cell phone to play Angry Birds at a funeral is not just disrespectful to the departed; it also means you missing out on a meaningful experience that will help you grow as a person.

3. At the Time of Giving Birth

giving birth

The new fad for soon to be mothers is to take a video or picture at the time of giving birth. In all seriousness, where do they get the energy?

In fact, some mothers even go to extreme lengths to make sure their hair and makeup is proper so when they take a picture, they look fabulous.

They can take pictures after the whole process of bringing a new life into this world, but they simply do not want to miss out on a picture taking moment.

Some mothers start to take pictures from the ride to the hospital. One thing for sure is that you will have something to embarrass your child with.

Still, it is a little bit inappropriate regardless of what your reason for taking the picture is.

Oh, and what about those hubbies that take a video or picture of their wife as they are in the middle of giving birth.

Seriously, no one wants to see that.

They already know enough about the birthing process from health or science class they took in school, and they simply do not need to see a tiny human being coming out of another human being while crying and covered in blood.

4. While You are at a Job Interview

job interview

If you use your mobile phone at the job interview, chances are that you will not nail the interview or get the job.

What is your top priority here? Impressing the interviewees or updating your status about sitting in the room with them?

The latter, by a mile, is definitely more important.

Plus, it is highly unlikely that the interviewee will take kindly to your tweet, check in, text, or selfie, as you sit in the interview room.

If they do for some crazy reason, assume that they have a mobile phone addiction as well.

5. While Driving


This type of situation is somewhat obvious, as it is kind of a law to not text or call and drive. Just in 2012, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that 3,328 people died while 421,000 suffered injuries.

The reason for their misfortune was that all of them were using their mobile phone.

You do not want to part of the 2015 statistic and this means you need to stop using your mobile phone while driving at all costs. No matter how important the call is, in order to attend it, pull over.

If your friend texts you about the latest gossip about how this girl Jenny was dumped over the phone, your reply can certainly wait until you reach your destination.

If you drink and drive, you can blame the booze for your impaired judgment.

If you text and drive, well, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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6. When it is Time to Sleep

time to sleep

Do you have bags under your eyes or dark circles?

Do you not feel up to the challenge of facing each day with a smile because you are too tired?

If your lack of energy is due to the extensive mobile use at night, you know what the solution is – turn it off, put it on vibrate, or put it on silent.

Each day, you likely say that “Today, I will not use the mobile phone,” but as day becomes night, you find out that you are not a man/woman of your word.

As soon as you are in your comfy clothes and put the blanket over you, you just cannot help but play a quick game, go through your Facebook newsfeed, or browse the internet to find the latest news on the subject of your choice.

When you are using your phone, straining to keep your eyes open, time flies by fast. When you look at the clock, you promise yourself never to do it again, only to do it again the next day.

The next time you make a promise, be sure not to break it.

7. During Study Sessions or Important Work

study session

Studying and working makes you yawn so you procrastinate using your mobile phone.

The study session is delayed to the next day while the important work is delayed by a few hours.

The culprit behind your failed attempts at studying and working is the mobile phone that you cannot seem to put away.

Why torture yourself by cramping the study material the day before or the morning of the test? Why worry yourself by completing work one day before or on the date of the deadline?

If you study or complete your work as you are supposed to, you would not be in this situation.

Instead of passing by one mark, you could have received full or commendable marks. Instead of submitting work that just meets the standard of quality, you could have submitted work that surpassed everyone’s expectations.

It is the extensive use of your mobile phone, at the wrong times, that’s holding you back from achieving greatness.

8. During Exercise

during exercise

Don’t you wonder how much exercise Kim Kardashian does if she is always taking selfies at the gym?

Kim Kardashian, the famous reality TV star, is known for her love of selfies and is one of the most famous mobile phone addicts in the world.

She is even publishing a book, ingeniously called Selfish, that contains her best selfies to date.

While most people are not as endowed or ethnically ambiguous as her, they do share her passion for selfies.

In the gym, they might take pictures of themselves, exercising on the treadmill or lifting weights.

The question is how much are they like the infamous reality star?

Are they actually burning off the calories or is it just the perfect opportunity for a photo op?

Perhaps, you go to the gym to exercise, but after a few exercises, you are tired so you decide to take out the phone from your gym bag.

If you exercise at home, you will be at the beck and call of your mobile phone. The time you allotted for exercise will shift to using your mobile phone.

If you ever want to fit back into your old jeans, you have to hide the mobile phone, just as you hide away all the junk food.

9. While Eating Food

eating food

You are forbidden to do two things while eating food, chew with your mouth open and use your mobile phone.

Both things are considered against proper etiquettes to do at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime you break bread with someone.

For instance, you are eating dinner, you turn to say something to someone, but notice that he or she is too occupied to engage in a discussion.

In order to get their attention, you will have to text or leave them a message on one of their social media accounts. Is this what the world has come to?

You cannot even have a proper conversation of what happened in the day without seeing someone using his or her mobile phone to have a virtual conversation instead.

People with the bad habit of using their mobile phones at mealtimes will disconnect themselves from the people around them, and in return, will put up barriers in a relationship.

If this describes you, you know what to do to break down those barriers.

10. When You are out for the Purpose of Experiencing Life

experiencing life

These days, the meaning of life is lost on most people, as according to some, the meaning of life is found in their mobile phones.

Go to the park, the mall, or to an event and count the number of people that you see using their mobile phones.

If you count above twenty, excluding you, you will realize that mobile phones are nothing, but a fun-sucking machine.

Most people do not see that there is a world outside of their mobile phone. It is waiting for them to experience the wonders of the world.

Do not waste time holed up in your home or on your phone when you are out, but seize the day.

Attempt something new that does not involve your phone. Enjoy cracking up on funny jokes your family or friends tell you.

Leave the phone in your pocket or bag so you can experience life in its true form.

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11. At Workshops or Important Events


Workshops and events can be boring, but that does not make it okay to use your mobile phone. When you are required to go to a workshop or if someone is dragging you there, the least you can do is pay attention.

Who knows? You may even learn something you never knew before and general knowledge is a key trait to have.

If you are at an event, in this instance, a family reunion, you might feel like skipping it by texting your friends about how Aunt Gertrude pinched your cheeks so tight that they turned deep red, or how Uncle Ray gave you weird vibes.

Anyhow, the point is no matter how boring or tiresome something is, you should restrain yourself from occupying yourself with your mobile phone.

12. During a Date

during date

Never ever, use your mobile phone on a date.

It is against the rules of dating, and your date will most certainly spread the word about how rude you were.

If you answer a call or text during a date, do not be shocked when your date makes an excuse to ditch you and go home.

You want to give your undivided attention to him or her.

What are the chances of the date turning into something more?

Zero if you pay more attention to your phone and ignore the person sitting across the table.

If you have used your phone in these types of situations, you are addicted to your mobile phone.

You need to separate yourself from your mobile phone during important situations that call for your attention.