Do you know how many text messages a phone addict can send in a single day?

In a matter of just a few years smartphones seem to have taken over not only the technology world but the rest of the world as well.

Millions of people around the globe own a smartphone today and use it for nearly every facet of their lives.

Just as it is with many other things in life, however, there are pitfalls to all that a smartphone can do and sadly some people easily become addicted to using a smartphone for hours on end, letting themselves become so wrapped up in the phone that there seems to be precious else in life that actually matters to them.

Smartphone addiction is a real thing and here are 25 information nuggets about phone addiction to give you an idea of just what this type of addiction can lead to.


1. Phone addiction is often likened to drug addiction

phone drug addiction

Like nearly any type of addiction you will come across, phone addiction does have particular traits to it, but it most often is likened to drug addiction in that it seems to harbor many of the same traits and characteristics of drug addiction, with a growing tolerance leading to more and more of a need that finally culminates in abuse.

2. Phone addiction can drastically affect the ability to socially interact

phone social interaction

This may be one of the biggest issues with phone addiction overall.

People that use their smartphones for hours on end each day without having any type of interaction outside of the phone have a very difficult time coping and dealing with other people.

They lose the skills necessary to carry on stable conversations and find it hard to maintain relationships and friendships because they spend so much time wrapped up in using their phones.

3. With phone addiction the phone becomes a compulsion

phone compulsion

When you or someone you know becomes addicted to the smartphone using the phone turns into something that goes beyond the simple need to use the phone for a phone call, to send a message or do a search on the Internet.

The use of the phone is something that you need to do all of the time and you can find yourself finding and creating ways and reasons to use the phone just so you have something to do with it, even if there is no real need at all.

4. Phone addicts can fall into depression from lack of phone use

depression lack use

When a phone addict is unable to use their phone for some reason, whether it is because it is damaged or circumstances prohibit it, the addicts are known to fall into a state of depression, feeling lost without being able to use their phone even it is just for a short time period.

They may have difficulty coping with the situation and can exhibit the typical signs of a person going through depression.

5. Phone addicts can feel a high level of anxiety when they cannot use the phone

anxiety phone addiction

Someone that has come to rely on their smartphone for hours at a time each day can feel real anxiety when they are unable to do so for whatever reason.

Again, this can be very much like an addict going through some type of withdrawal as they can feel very anxious and even get aggressive, trying to figure out ways where they can continue use as soon as possible.

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6. Phone addiction has been likened to gambling

phone gambling addiction

Many people that may suffer from some type of addiction to their phone liken the feeling of using the phone to that rush that you get when you are gambling in some way.

They feel an excitement in just getting to use the phone and look forward to the experience with great delight and intensity.

When the experience has to end they are already looking for another way that they can use a phone to get that feeling again.

7. People that are phone addicts may readily admit that they are addicted

phone addiction denial

This seems to be where phone addiction can really differ from other serious addictions that can be found, such as drugs, alcohol and gambling.

While people that experience those addictions often have difficulty coming to terms with their addiction, surveys have shown that a majority of people that have a phone addiction have no problem at all admitting that they are addicted to using their smartphones and they see nothing wrong with this addiction.

Many even laugh it off saying that it is just a part of their lives that others need to get used to.

8. Phone addicts complain more about phone loss than they do about losing TV or computer access


Many people think that people might generally get more upset if they are unable to watch TV or access the Internet on a computer more than if they cannot use their smartphone, but actually the opposite has proven to be true.

Since people have come to rely on smartphones so much for more than just function but for constant entertainment as well, surveys show that phone addicts get more upset that they cannot use their phone than if they cannot use a TV or a computer.

9. Phone addicts often interact with their phones like it is another person

phone like person

This is an odd quirk that seems to be part of a smartphone addiction.

Many people seem to have some type of interpersonal relationship with their smartphones and carry on conversations with the phone, using the voice interaction feature to ask the phone questions and get responses.

Many even have the phone call them by their first name during interaction so it really is as if they are speaking to another person instead of a piece of equipment.

This also helps to lead phone addicts into having more difficulties in interacting with actual people on a personal level.

10. Phone addicts cannot find other things to make them happy

happy with phone

Someone that is truly addicted to using their smartphone will not be satisfied with using any other device or even in engaging in conversation with another person.

They would always rather have their nose in their phones, looking things up, playing games, sending messages, taking pictures and more.

Their smartphones can do the jobs of so many other devices that it seems archaic to them to go back and use something else instead of a smartphone.

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11. Phone addicts need their phone to help boost their mood

phone boost mood

As was mentioned before; the phone addict can experience anxiety and depression when they do not have their phone to use.

Just having the phone itself is often enough to help lift their spirits and let them relax some knowing that they will be able to use the phone.

They are only happy when they get to make use of the phone and try to use the phone for longer and longer periods of time to help to extend this feeling of happiness and relaxation.

12. Phone addiction can be life endangering

phone driving danger

There are a number of situations where phone addiction can actually endanger your life.

When you place too much of an emphasis on your phone use you can become compulsive to where you have to be using the phone all of the time, including times when you may be driving a vehicle.

This can be very dangerous because you will not be able to watch and concentrate on the road as you should, which may cause a possible accident and injuries to yourself or others.

13. Phone addicts are less likely to engage in meaningful conversation

phone meaningful conversation

Someone that suffers from a phone addiction may have a hard time talking to other people in general, let alone engage them in any type of meaningful conversation.

They have become so accustomed to only dealing with people through the medium of the smartphone that they have lost the skill to carry a conversation face to face.

Many addicts do not even use their phone for phone calls, instead sending messages and texts for everything, so there is even less conversation going on than ever.

14. Some phone addicts send over 150 messages a day

compulsive texting

For some people this may not sound like much, but that can add up to a significant amount of time spent just sending messages over your phone.

The average person may only send messages sporadically throughout the day as they are in work or school.

Only someone that has a real craving to use messaging is going to find a way to send hundreds of messages each day.

15. Phone addiction and materialism are often correlated

materialism addiction

Many people that can be considered has having a phone addiction often have a strong feeling for materialism as well and place material value far above everything else in their lives.

The phone addict sees their phone as their most important possession and piece of their life and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that this part of their life is sustained, to the point where other aspects of their life are going to get neglected.

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16. Phone addiction and impulsiveness are often correlated

impulsive addiction

An impulsive attitude towards life in general is often a characteristic of someone that may have a phone addiction.

These people will seek any opportunity that they can to find a reason or way to use their phones, often to the detriment of others around them and without any regard for the particular setting or situation they may be in at the time.

This impulsiveness can lead to putting the person in a difficult or even dangerous situation without any thought as to what the consequences may be.

17. Phone addicts may have an inability to sit in silence

sit silence phone

Even when they are using their phones a phone addict can have great difficulty in sitting still and sitting quietly, feeling the need to make comments and reactions about everything that goes on regarding their phone.

This can occur even when the person is not in the company of anyone else.

18. Phone addicts may end up with a feeling of being cut off

feeling cut off

Like other addictions, someone that is a phone addict may slowly alienate themselves from their family and peer group because they spend so much time using their own phone for their entertainment.

This can lead them to being cut off from those that they were formerly close to, giving them a feeling of isolation and that there only solace lies in the use of their phone.

19. Phone addicts have high levels of sensitivity

high sensitivity

Sensitivity comes into play with a phone addict.

The person may get very defensive when they are challenged about anything, in particular their extended use of their smartphone all of the time.

They will be quite touchy about this issue in general and may get angry or upset very easily at anyone that raises the issue.

20. Phone addicts may have an inability to form lasting relationships

building long relationship

Since the phone addict is really tied up in their relationship with their phone and not much else; forming any type of lasting relationships in their life becomes difficult or even impossible.

Other people may not want to have to compete with the phone use and may become upset at the lack of attention and involvement that occurs regularly, making it very hard to form a relationship at all.

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21. Phone addicts cannot deal well with down time

disconnected time

If there ever comes a time where the addict is not able to use their phone for any reason, the person may have a hard time dealing with this particular time frame and may seem irritated and anxious for the entire time.

It may seem almost like they do not know what to do with themselves when they have time where they cannot use their phone and seem lost.

22. Phone addicts use the phone as a way to avoid social interaction

phone social interaction

For some phone addicts the phone becomes such an escape for them that they use the phone as a way to avoid people altogether.

They are likely to try to create excuses so that they can avoid situations where they have to be with others because they would rather spend time alone with the phone.

23. There are possible health consequences to phone addiction

phone health issue

While there are still studies underway and nothing definitive has been determined yet, there are some that believe that there are health consequences to using the phone too much as it may leave people exposed to certain amounts of radiation and active elements that can have long-term health effects on people.

24. Phone addicts very often deal with debt

phone debt

Debt can be a real side effect of phone addiction.

Many phone addicts end up running very large phone bills every month because they use so much data and text time that they regularly go over their allotted amounts, leading to high bills that need to be paid.

This can cause them to use money earmarked for other bills to pay phone bills.

25. Phone addiction can have an effect on diet

phone weight issue

Many people that have issues with phone addiction may also end up eating very poor diets.

They do not make the time to eat regular meals and even when they do eat meals it is often something they want done quickly so they can get back to their phone, leading to poor diet habits that can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

It is important to keep in mind that not everyone that uses a smartphone ends up being a smartphone addict and not every addict will experience all of the 25 things on this list.

The list is designed to provide you with 25 information nuggets about phone addiction so that you can look for and recognize signs in yourself or others that may be using the phone too often so you can take steps to do something about it.