The awareness about cell phone radiations has paved way to another question: Do cell phones emit radiation in airplane mode?

Research shows that cell phone radiation levels pose health hazards but it might not be the case in airplane mode.

Health experts highlighted that radiations from phone are harmful for the body. These radiations are linked to numerous health problems including development issues, sleep disorders, infertility, and cancer.

Cell phones have now become a necessity and are being used in almost all aspects of our life. Therefore, concerns regarding the radiations emitted by cell phones are genuine.

Do cell phones emit radiation when not in use? Might not be as harmful, it still emits radiation but the question that still needs attention is whether airplane mode prevents radiation or not.

Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Health

The most common question frequently asked is: are cell phones safe? While phones offer a wide range of benefits in our life, including convenience, personal security, instant communication and learning ease, there is no denying its negative impacts.

The biggest concern is the cell phone radiation effects on human body. Radiofrequency energy in electromagnetic radiation form is emitted by the cell phones which have been identified as carcinogenic for humans by International Agency for Research on Cancer.

This electromagnetic radiation can be divided into two types – ionizing and non-ionizing. The ionizing radiation has high frequency, which means it has a higher energy, whereas non-ionizing radiation has low frequency which means lower energy.

The radiofrequency range’s electromagnetic fields are utilized in telecommunication applications like radio transmissions, televisions, and cell phones. This energy is also absorbed by our body through these devices.

Ionizing radiation exposure, for instance from x-rays, has been reported to have a high risk of cancer. While ionizing radiation exposure, for instance from cell phones, is still being examined, there has been indication of increased cancer risk.

While small doses of this exposure haven’t been found to have harmful impacts on human body, excessive exposure pose harmful effects.

For instance, using the touch phone to browse is still exposing you to harmful radiations but without lasting damage but talking on phone poses more risk since the phone is constantly placed on your ear for a long duration.

Myths and Truths about Cell Phone Radiations and Impact on Brain

Following are some of the most common myths about cell phone radiation effects on the brain:

Myth #1

If cell phones were causing brain tumors, then there would be an epidemic of brain tumors but there isn’t.

Fact #1

Cancers and tumors are slow growing. They can develop decades after getting exposed to radiation or toxins. Note that the percentage of lung cancer didn’t increase till around three decades after heavy smoking became a norm in America.

Glioblastomas is brain cancer connected with radiation of cell phones. The reports of this cancer have been increasing in young individuals in the parts of brain that absorbs majority of the radiation.

However, the cancer in temporal and frontal lobes, as well as cerebellum isn’t expected to surface in general population any time soon but will show up eventually.

Myth #2

No connection between brain tumors and cell phones was indicated in Interphone study.

Fact #2

In this study, an average user utilized a cell phone for eight years and less. Moreover, the user was described as an individual utilizing the phone to call merely once every week for duration of six months.

The exposure studied in this research was restricted and low, this is the reason the results showed little to no risk of brain tumor from cell phone radiation.

However, in the interphone study where heavy cell phone users were studied, it showed a greater or double increase in the risk of brain tumor.

Myth #3

Cell phone radiations can’t be as severe as tobacco.

Fact #3

In reality, the cell phone radiation effects on health are worse than that from tobacco. There are still a limited amount of individuals around the globe that regularly or heavily smoke but almost everyone uses cell phones today.

This includes children, elders, and even the poor population. The usage of cell phone is so prevalent that even landlines have been abandoned. This shows that the effects of cell phone radiations would be far worse.

The reason there is more scientific backing for tobacco and cancer against phones and cancer is because the telecom industry has intentionally blocked studies, and there is lack of funding for cell phone radiation effects on human body studies.

Myth #4

Cell phones don’t emit radiations in flight mode.

Fact #4

The major question remains, is there any radiation in flight mode? Unfortunately, your cell phone still emits radiation even in the flight mode. This is mostly because majority of the functions are still available in this mode as well.

No matter which function you use on your cell phone, even in flight mode, it still emits electromagnetic radiations. However, it is true that the amount of radiation would be minimal and not as harmful as compared to normal mode.

The good news is that this minimal amount of radiation emitted during the airplane mode doesn’t cause lasting harm. Therefore, you can use your cell phone without worry in airplane mode.

Airplane Mode and Radiation Myth Explained

Do smart phones on airplane mode emit radiation? You already got the answer but let us look at it in more detail.

The easiest way of understanding is to learn further about the above mentioned non-ionizing radiation emitted by cell phones. This radiation type mostly comprises EMF (Electromotive Force) which is created by:

  • Device functions,
  • Light,
  • Radio transmission waves.

The maximum amount of EMF radiation emitted by your smart phone is created due to the radio waves propagation. Why is the radiation amount low in airplane mode?

It is because in this mode, your cell phone is not interacting or trying to interact with the tower. Its communication is completely turned off. Without the network, this radiation is drastically reduced.

The small amount of radiation that is still being emitted by your phone is due to the running of your smartphone and its light display. While this mode is not 100% safe, it is still a lot safer.

Precautions Against Cell Phone Radiation

Now you must be wondering, how to avoid radiation from cell phones?

You can’t completely avoid the radiation being emitted by your phone, unless you totally stop using it. As the latter is unrealistic, try to minimize the usage of your phone as much as possible to reduce the radiation impact.

Following are some precautions you can take against cell phone radiation:

1. Switch Off Your Phone At Night

Here is a fact that you might not be aware about: you are at your most vulnerable to radiation and environmental toxins while sleeping.

This is because your body is in parasympathetic mode, which is the digest and rest state of your nervous system. In this mode, all the defenses systems of your body are down and the processes of biological repairs are activated.

The most common practice nowadays is placing the phone right next to or under the pillow when you sleep. This means your phone is within close proximity of your head where the most damage can be done by radiation.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you switch off your phone when you sleep or at least place it far away as possible to avoid the radiation.

2. Opting for Speaker Function

Avoid placing your phone to your ear during calls. Opt instead for the speaker function, especially if it is a long call. This helps in keeping the cell phone at a distance from your body while talking on the phone.

3. Use Shield Cases

There are various companies that have introduced shield cases for smartphones, tablets, and laptops that can protect you from the EMF radiation.

This is especially recommended if you have the habit of wearing your phone and don’t carry a bag with you to keep your phone in.

These shield cases keep maintaining the reception of the cell phone but also help in protecting your body from the harmful effects of phone radiation.

4. Maintaining a Physical Distance

Keeping a distance from your cell phone is highly recommended. Even placing it a few inches away from your body can drastically decrease the exposure to radiation.

The more distance you have with your phone, the strength of the signal would decrease four times than normal.

5. Avoid Wearing the Phone

The most effective cell phone radiation protection is to not wear your phone. This means not placing it in your pocket or clipping it on your belt.

The worst possible thing some women do is putting their cell phone in their bra. The phone is placed directly on the breast which means the radiation can cause severe harm and might result in breast cancer.

It is best to put your phone in your purse, bag, or briefcase to avoid direct exposure.

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