Do cell phones emit radiation when not in use? This is indeed a very important question to think about.

We will look at some key information in order to separate fact from fiction about cell phone effects on human health.

Cell phone is one of the best inventions made by man. Our phones have made our lives easier by allowing us to communicate over long distances with ease.

While that is true, it does not change the fact that there are some concerns regarding cell phone use. One of the major concerns is the radiation emitted from cell phones and its impact on our health.

Do cell phones emit radiation when not in use? Yes. Are they harmful? Let’s look at the facts to understand this properly.


Understanding “Radiation” and Its Effects

The word “radiation” sounds like a scary term. The reality is radiation can include any type of electromagnetic waves. Gamma rays, x-rays, UV light, visible light, IR light, microwave and radio waves belong to the electromagnetic spectrum as well.

The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into two parts: ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. They depend on whether small doses of that radiation can cause harm. UV, x-rays and gamma rays are ionizing radiation. That’s why you should wear sun block.

Ionizing radiation has the ability to remove electrons from atoms and break chemical bonds. Exposure to ionizing radiation is harmful for your body. Understanding this will help you better understand the effects of cell phone radiation levels on the body.

Non-ionizing radiation includes a majority of all the light we are exposed to during the day. This includes visible light from light bulbs, gigahertz from WiFi routers, the radio waves around us and the megahertz frequencies from our cell phones.

In small doses, non-ionizing radiation is not harmful to our bodies. This is because their photons do not have the energy to break apart molecules or ionize atoms. Large doses of some of these however, can be harmful.

For instance, consider a visible laser light from a laser pointer. The light is not going to harm you because there is not enough energy in the non-ionizing radiation to do anything significant. Then there are the more powerful ones.

A laser light with enough energy concentrated into a single spot can burn a spot on your skin. It can be detrimental to your eyes. The same concept applies to the radiations from microwave ovens and cell phones.

Understanding Cell Phone Radiation Facts

Your exposure level to cell phone radiation will vary. If you happen to be swiping right or left on Tinder, you are still exposed to radiation from your cell phone but you are making minimal contact with it.

When you are using your cell phone to make a call, the amount of radiation emitted from your cell phone will be much higher. You’ll also be in direct contact with the phone when it is right beside your head.

The more exposure you have to radiation from your cell phone and the higher the cell phone radiation levels are, the greater the risk.

That being said, the power output of cell phone radiation is maximum 2 watts during a call. In comparison, a microwave oven emits as much as 700 watts of power. That is hundreds of times higher than cell phone radiation.

Cell phone radiation levels at their highest are not as bad as other possible sources of radiation. The only issue is you are more exposed to cell phone radiation for a longer period of time. So are they harmful?

They can be. There is a lot of debate on the matter. Conflicting opinions of experts from organizations all over the world exist. There are a lot of facts out there and at the same time, plenty of misleading myths.

Let us set the record clear on what is true and what is false. Now that you have an understanding of cell phone radiation, here is a look at some important myths and actual facts.

Myth #1

There is no known biological mechanism that proves cell phone radiation can cause cancer.

Fact #1

This statement implies that scientists have a complete understanding of the underlying reasons for cancer. That cannot be possible. Several scientific studies have determined that smoking is a major cause of cancer. Nobody will ever deny that, right?

We do not fully understand how smoking can cause cancer. While there is no direct link on the biological mechanism, smoking has led to a significant increase in the number of people suffering from lung and throat cancer.

It is a fact that cell phone radiation levels, when they are high enough, can be harmful for your health. The WHO reviewed data on cell phone radiation effects on the human body.

The experimental and human data that they reviewed were enough to almost bring them to a unanimous decision regarding the classification of cell phone radiation as a possible cause for cancer.

Myth #2

Cell phones do not emit any radiation when they are turned off.

Fact #2

Whether or not a cell phone will emit radiation when it is off is determined by its model and manufacturer. Older cell phones usually stop emitting radiation when they are off.

Cell phones also stop emitting any kind of radiation when their batteries are removed. When you turn the older model phones off, all their functions will effectively stop. That is why there is no longer any radiation being produced.

Newer cell phones, on the other hand, continue to maintain some of their functions even when they are turned off. A lot of smartphones have their location services and clocks still operational even when the phone is not on.

Smartphones also continue to perform certain memory functions when they are turned off. This means that there is still a minimal level of radiation being emitted from your cell phone when it is off. There is no denying this fact.

Myth #3

Cell phones do not emit any radiation during flight mode

Fact #3

A lot of people wonder “Is there any radiation during flight mode?” Yes, there definitely is. You see, even when the airplane mode is on, a lot of the functions from your cell phone are still on during flight mode.

Technically speaking, any kind of functions from an electronic device can produce electromagnetic radiation. Even when on airplane mode, there will be a minimal production of radiation produced by your cell phone. This is really just a technicality.

However, the radiation produced by a cell phone on airplane mode is minimal. Since cell phone radiation level is low on airplane mode, you can keep your phone with you without any worry.

Next time someone asks you “Do smartphones on airplane mode emit radiation?,” you should tell them that they do but it is nothing to really worry about.

Myth #4

Cell phones do not emit radiation when they are not in use.

Fact #4

Cell phones do emit radiation when not in use. The highest levels of radiation emitted by cell phones is when they are in use but that does not mean they stop emitting radiation when you have put them aside.

When they are turned off, cell phone radiation levels are almost completely insignificant. When smartphones are on airplane mode, they emit radiation but in very small amounts. What about when they are on but not in use?

Smartphones emit quite a bit of radiation even when you are not using them. For instance, your smartphone emits significant radiation even when it is sitting on your side table.

This is because of the fact that smartphones are constantly scanning for signals so they can receive texts, calls, emails, enable software updates, among other things. Some of the notifications in your phone also release slight radiation.

Protect Yourself From Radiation Exposure

You need to minimize cell phone effects on your health. Turning off your phone can prevent your exposure to its radiation. However, you won’t have that option when you need to use your cell phone.

In this case, keep your phone away from your body as much as possible. Cell phone radiation effects on the human body are higher when in contact with it. Remove your phone from your pocket when not using it.

Are cell phones safe for health? Well, they can be if you’re willing to take the proper precautions. Use a hands-free cable or speakers for phone calls. That will keep the high cell phone radiation levels away from your brain.

Ultimately, it just becomes a matter of cutting down your usage. That is how you can reduce the harmful cell phone effects on health. Stay safe and help keep others around you safe by letting them know too.

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